Realistic spiderwebs made easy

Hello, I’d like to show you another use of hairspray.
I don’t think that brand of hairspray is important, I have only this one and it works, probably will work with rest of hairsprays.
I use 0,15mm nozzle and low (around 40-50 psi) pressure. Just spray on object and you’ll have spiderwebs. They’re fragile and can be used on display miniatures bases etc. (They’re not waterproof!)
Don’t forget to clean up airbrush with water to remove rest of hairspray. But don’t worry it’s not hard task, hairspray itself is easy to remove.

Hope you find it useful!
Regards, Lukasz (ctan)

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  1. great tutorial… but ´low´ pressure? 40 – 50 PSI is nothing I would call ¨low¨ :)

    1. Pressure also depends on how small is nozzle, you need a bit higher pressure to suck paint from airbrush with 0,15mm.

  2. I’ve got a 3mm airbrush… do you reckon that would still work fine ?

    Also I have done the hairspray weathering technique on my mini’s many times, what are you doing differently here ? When I have airbrushed down a layer of hairspray it has always looked like a thin varnish not the spider webs you’ve got there!

    Cheers for the tutorial !!! =D

    1. I don’t try it with 0,3mm nozzle, but I think if you leave a small hole and go with low pressure it could work, I’m not sure about it but think that nozzle size matters. You can try it out with 0,3mm and play with pressure and needle.

  3. C’tan very good tutorial, but it does not work, my airbrush is 0.15 mm, what do you think will be the problem?
    thank you very much for the tutorial, very good job.
    sorry for my English, use translator.

    1. Maybe it’s a case of hairspray, they’re different, you can try with another brand. Also this process is uncontrolable and you can find unexpected things. If it doesn’t work you can try to switch to bigger nozzle.

  4. Thanks man, this works well, but not every hairspray good for this , The thing is in the strong fixation I think))

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