Preparing miniature

Removing the remaining mold lines

The first thing what awaits us after you open the box is to see parts that assembly the model. To truly cut out all the necessary parts must be provided with appropriate tools. The most useful tools is scalpel sharp pincers. Using scissors is not recommended because it often and very often the parts are too small to be able to cut them with scissors. Each part must be cut off from the frame as close as possible of the item but remember to leave a certain distance taking care not to damage parts. Cutting too close can result in fatal damage, which need to be reperaired.

When you cut off part of the frame by the scalpel  just grind it with sandpaper to get smoth surface. Sandpaper that you chose have to be not to heavy, it means not to damage the polished surface. Initially, we use a sandpaper (weight 600) and then smooths the surface of finer paper (1000). Final cuts should be made by the paper in 2000 to thoroughly smooth the surface. Maintaining a smooth surface will help us in the future, priming and painting the model, so this step is one of the most important.

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