Pouring water to bases tutorial

Hi, just wanted to share with you my way of building containers for resin water on bases.


You’ll need sharp knife and transparent hard plastic, I used foil for making stencils – it’s thin and stiff. Enough durable to stand against resin pressure.


I cut walls for my container (remember that wall endings must be 90° degree to make it work well. So be carefull and cut precisely. Toothpick is great to apply maskol to walls, endings was glues outside using cyanoacrylic glue.

water-basing-tutorial-02Here is how look finished container. Be careful to not leave any holes in connections because resin will leak and you’ll have a lot of mess to clean up.


water-basing-tutorial-04I mixed Crystalline 940 with hardener and mixed it well.

water-basing-tutorial-05To add a bit of dirt I put 2 drops of Vallejo Sepia Ink. Don’t add too much because resin don’t like water products and can be rubbery when dry.

water-basing-tutorial-06I removed all bubbles in vacuum chamber.

water-basing-tutorial-07Poured resin have to leave about 24-48h depending on which one you use.

water-basing-tutorial-08Removed walls show perfect edges and super smooth walls.

water-basing-tutorial-09I cut resin excess with sharp hobby knife.

water-basing-tutorial-10For me effect is satisfying so I left it as is now.

water-basing-tutorial-11Here is other example of water done same way.

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  1. Nice tutorial, I wondered how people did so sharp of cast for the water effects. You mentioned a vacuum chamber, is that something you built for this, not something one typically has for painting :-)

    The bases look fantastic too!

  2. great tips, got any more :-) I’m definitely going to do this for my Nurgle army, love the 3D printed base too, i’m gonna pinch this technique from you aswell ;-)

  3. Where do you print your base or do you own have a 3d printer? :D
    I am looking for a long time to forestry stuff like your on your Dyrad Miniature Base.
    However not the normal foliage, I mean these big leaves. Unfortunately, I haven´t found a shop where i can but it. Do you have tips?

  4. What the heck is Mascol? never seen that stuff before…

    I am about to attempt my first, for a Nagash base, obviously will be doing a fair few trials first on small samples.

    Using a polyester resin so i can do it deep enough (approx 3″ cubed when done)

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