Painting yellow pads

Very good color to start is Iyanden Darksun (GW). It’s very opaque so, propably 2-3 layers is enough to cover pad in any color.

Next mix base color with Dark Flesh (GW) and use it for shading pads.

Here is result after a couple of very thin layers of mix. In recess is pure Dark Flesh (GW).

Now is a good time to do some highlights with mix of base color and White.

The same way as before, a couple of thin glazes and it’s ready.

We have rather pale yellow using white to highlights, I use Transparent Yellow (VGC) to saturate color. I paint pad leaving some white area. You can also use yellow ink (warm color, eg.  Sunshine Yellow Windosr&Newton ink) if you don’t have vallejo product.

And saturated pad look like below.

I paint pad with gloss varnish before applying dectals.

I cut off excess of film from dectal sheet with hobby knife. GW dectals are inflexible so better cut off film where it’s possible when you’re putting dectals on pads.

Using Micro Set and Micro Sol I put dectal on place.  “Set” soften dectals and improve adhesion and “Sol” also softens dectals to conform to irregular surfaces for a “painted on” look. Pad is not flat so Micro Sol is rather necessary.

Dectal is on place, so I painted it with gloss varnish again to make it more “painted on” look. After varnish is dry you can paint it with another varnish – satin or matt.

That’s all about yellow pads. Below is final result.

Hope you like it ;)


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