Ogre Kingdoms – Stonehorn

Hi, I want to show you my vision of new GW miniature – Stonehorn. Please click on picture to see full view (2,3MB jpg)!

Here you can find snowy base and icicles tutorials.

10 thoughts on “Ogre Kingdoms – Stonehorn

  1. Dude this is some awesome work.
    Great job on the fur and the snow but my most favourite detail are the icicles. Outstanding!

  2. Just like you said it’s worth of buying
    So i bought one ;)
    AWESOME job
    a like snow bases yours is great
    painting like always amazing


  3. very good man!! i love it from top to base :)
    One question… after u airbrushed it on black, then airbrushed a layer of white for the lights…how do u preserve that effect when u add the diferent colors? or u just use the white areas as a guide for seeing where light and shadow should be?

    Thanks a lot and congratulation for your work man!

  4. This is still my favourite!

    You have a lot of awesome work on this page and even more in your multiple cabinetts, but this one is unforgetable :) It looks like ALIVE! The snow, the iceicles, the atmosphere…

    All Success!!!

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