Nurgle Lord conversion

Again Nurgle lord? Yup, I really like this mini for variety of ways it can be used. Today I can present you next conversion of this guy made by me. You can find here a lot of bits from many boxes I’ve found in my bits box. Hope you like it! :)

I’ve made list of used bits to feed your curiosity

  • Body – Chaos Nurgle Lord
  • Belly plate – Daemon Prince
  • Shield on back – Chaos Knights
  • Mace with hand – Chaos Knights
  • Skulls on pad – Lord on Juggernaut
  • Pipes – bass guitar strings
  • Chains – brass chains
  • Head – Puppetswar Toxic Guardsmen
  • Bolter – SM Tactical Squad + stripe of plasticard






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  1. Wanna see this painted, Seems like the toxic guardsmen head is no longer available. Any idea on where to get something similar? It really pisses me off the fact that there’s not a mini for CSM Nurgle Lord.

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