Necron Tomb Stalker from Forge World!

I fall in love with this model, I have to get one and join to my army! 36£ is not too big price for this model.  This model can be pre-ordered now and will be despatched week commencing the 25th of October.

The Tomb Stalker is a previously unseen type of Necron construct armed with potent Gauss weaponry and razor-edged talons, which adds a devastating mix of firepower and combat ability to any Necron army. The Tomb Stalker is a huge, un-living machine, a swift and tireless engine of murder built to eternally protect the ancient sepulchres of the Necron Lords. The arcane machinery of the Tomb Stalker detects the pulse of life through hundreds of metres of solid rock, unerringly homing in on its unwitting prey and using a form of phase field to part solid matter like water. Resin model which includes Necron green plastic rods. Model designed by Will Hayes.

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