Necron Army

Time before I started my adventure with Warhammer 40.000 I was looking for interesting miniatures – my first set were the Mines of Moria but goblins were poor quality. I bought a few miniatures from LotR but they were less interesting than figures from Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Next choice are the Warriors of Chaos. The most cruel army in this system. I really like it, dirty armor, lots of blood, believing in the dark gods. But I was looking for something more. The local game store Bard guys gave me a Warhammer 40,000. At first I did not know what to choose. After long hours of thinking Necrons were selected among the rest of armies.  I really like these guys.

„The Necrons have a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting their forces. From small scuttling Scarabs and Necron warriors to the ponderous might of the Monolith, they can employ some of the most fearsome weaponry in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You can create an army with row upon row of glittering metallic warriors that advance implacably towards the foe or file multiple Monoliths and the Mighty C’tan. Whichever you choose your opponents will soon learn that Necrons do not die easily.”


Ok, I’ve got lots of minis but what now? How to paint it? Browsing CMON galleries was very helpful – this one is somethink what I want ( I like sandy, bright colours but this one is too orange. My decision is to paint them little greeny like rotting flesh, so I use this paint.

Painting Armor

I tried to find optimal way to paint whole army and here You have what I’ve got:

Prime with white spray paint, it can be GW Skull White or Vallejo White primer or something else. Wash it with watered down Scorched Brown. After this operation You can see where is the light! Awesome! Next step is to deep shadows, so You can take Scorched Brown and make shadows deeper, one droplet of Chaos Black can help.

When your deepest shadows are done You can highligt this surfaces. Mix Scorched Brown with Graveyard Earth 50/50 , and glaze with this mixture. Still adding some Graveyard Earth and glazing to pure earth color. When it’s done You will see brown unhappy necron warrior. To made him happy You have to highlight dully Graveyard Earth color. Great paint to do this is Rotting Flesh. At the end we need strong highlights!  Add to Rotting Flesh some Skull White 75/25 and highlight edges and brigtest places. You’re done! Now get a cup of tea and take a break. Don’t forget to wash Your brush.

Painting Metallics

Now it’s time know how to paint metallics. Usually start with Boltgun Metal, my favourite metallic. Next step is watered down Scorched Brown. After dry You can appy Devalan Mud wash – 2 thin layers. Highligt with watered Boltgun Metal. Finishing highlight is Mithril Silver. Apply Mithril Silver very carefully only on highest surfaces and edges.  Now You can look at your old, dirty steel.

Desired 2000 pts. army

  • 2x Monolith
  • 1×3 Heavy Destroyer
  • 1x Destroyer Lord
  • 2×5 Destroyer
  • 2×20 Warriors
  • Scrab Swarms

WIP Shots

Nightbringer early WIP. Still working to improve highlights on his head and body.

Nightbringer (WIP)

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    1. I agree, so good that you put this much time into something you don’t have to do, I’ve learnt a few things looking through :)

  1. i also started creating a necron army and already bough the codex my play but i kinda like orcs so i do not know which to chose

  2. Can you write a painting tutorial for the green nightbringer please because I have recently bought a plastic citadel fine cast and I think this paint scheme is awesome. The rest of your army looks excellent though so keep the pictures coming please.

  3. Can you please post a tutorial on painting the green Nightbringer please because I have recently purchased one and have been looking for a good paint scheme.

  4. Hej, swietne necrony, szybkie pytanie z czego zrobiles jasna trawe na zdjeciu przed monolitem?

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