Necromunda Ork Gang

When I heard about Necromunda I was delighted, the climate of the place where the action takes place, gang warfare. A small number of figures that is needed to play for me is a big advantage.

After much questioning I was able to devise a plan for my band, and find the right figures. My gang will be space orcs called „Obrońcy Krzyża”. It seems that fit to this place. Here’s what I want to start with:

Gang leader – Snikrot
Shaman – Weirdboy
2x Heavy / Special Weapon ork – Ork kommandos
10x Gangster – Casual orks
2-4 Juves – Gretchin


My gang will includes orcs and gretchin. Orcs are the main force gang and gretchins as juves. I chose these figures because the orc climate suits me very well. Brute force and lots of humor. Pleasure in assembling the orcs and painting is amazing, and it’s a good fun when I paint another gretchin or orc minis. Just look at this guys! Haha!


I watched a lot of color schemes, yellow, green, blue and more, and more… it took a long time at CMON.
My color scheme must be warm. The basic colors are warm, rotten green, black and yellow. Metallics have to be rusty with patina.

Work in Progress

Finished minis

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