Miniature mushrooms tutorial

Hello, in this short tutorial I’ll show you how I made miniature mushrooms. It’s fast and easy, so just check out pictures below.

mushroom-tutorial-011. First I put pins on cork and using Vallejo Plastic Putty with small application tip. I appiled a small amount on pin head and take off the putty. It should shape pretty nice mushroom hats.

mushroom-tutorial-022. Here is the result of hats modelling.

mushroom-tutorial-033. I sprayed mushrooms with Skeleton Bone Surface Primer. I didn’t use pure white because I wanted subdued color.

mushroom-tutorial-044. I painted hats with Extra Opaque Heavy Red.

mushroom-tutorial-055. I add spots using sponge and Pale Sand. Sponge have to be almost dry and best option is to paint dots very carefuly from both sides. It need some practise but after a couple of mushrooms you’ll know what I mean ;)

mushroom-tutorial-066. Cut off pins to desired size.

mushroom-tutorial-077. Place mushrooms on base, diorama etc. You can drill small holes or just glue them on superglue or other one you prefer.

Thanks to Vallejo for paints! :)


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