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Hello, I have painted some fresh meat cape for my nurgle lord project. If you’d like to have similar one just follow steps below. I make this tutorial very fast to demonstrate just technique, so don’t care about lack of accuracy with painting. When you paint your mini you have to take more attention to it.


Paints used:

  • Deep Red (Reaper)
  • Tallarn Flesh (GW)
  • Porcelain Rose (Reaper)
  • Creamy Ivory (Reaper)
  • Dark Flesh (GW)
  • Black (Vallejo)


I sprayed with mix of Deep Red and Tallarn Flesh on piece of plasticard.

meat-cape-tutorial-3I used watered down Porcelain Rose and paint simple lines.

meat-cape-tutorial-4Then second layer of Porcelain Rose.



I wanted to have more round edges so sharpen it with next layer of paint.


I highlighted edges with Creamy Ivory.


I put some shadows into holes using  watered down Dark Flesh.


More Dark Flesh was added to separate part of pattern.meat-cape-tutorial-9

Finally Black to deepest shadows. After this step is good to make transitions smooth using previous paints and made it sharp with Creamy Ivory or other light paint.


Here is final product, a bit colored with Hawk Turquoise and Sepia.

If you like this style capes, just check out my second tutorial:


5 myśli na temat “Meat cape tutorial

  1. Jak zwykle elegancki tutek :) W mniejszej skali taki wzór wygląda dużo lepiej niż w tej większej na plasticardzie :D Mega fajnie :)

    Best regards

  2. Fantastic tutorial – as they all are! You’re really giving me something to aspire to with my own painting.

  3. The end result of this cape design and execution is incredible. Such depth.

    Originally I was laughing at the tutorial name, as only our blogs have a tutorial on painting the best meat cape…but I’m happy I stopped by and checked it out!

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