Long weekend wips…

This time I have got some metallics.. I love working with these paints. You can blend them from gloss to matt and from light to dark – this is why they are better than NMM technique… Soon you’ll see whole squad… and they will stay with me. Unfortunately tyranids go on sale as soon as they finish (If you’re interested to get Mawloc – just drop me a line :). Tyranid army was a bad idea. Too many models you need. Grey Knights are better – about 30 models army and you can play well – not about 100 models with Tyranids.
Here is one WIP shot of my guys. It’s not my best level because I know that they go mainly on table to fight against daemons and other crap. In the name of Emperor!

I’m also working with Space Wolves terminators squad. There are 5 old great sculpts.

I really like this wolves.. They have something special.

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