Liquid in a glass

Hi, today you can learn how to paint glass with liquid inside in simple step-by-step tutorial.
First of all you can find list of paints I used. It’s set for painting green glass but you can use other colors to get
similar result.

Gretchin Green (GW), Wurm Green (P3), Knarloc Green (GW), Dark Angels Green (GW), Chaos Black (GW), Morrow White (P3), Gloss Varnish (VGC).

1. I use Gretchin Green (GW) for a base color because it’s very opaqe paint and it’s easy to get smooth surface.

2. Second, darker base color is Knarloc Green (GW).

3. I add a couple of glazes with Dark Angels Green (GW) to bottom part of my glass.

4. Now I add a tip of Chaos Black (GW) to Dark Angels Green (GW) and I add more glazes of this mix.

5. Knarloc Green is good color but rather desaturated, so I use Wurm Green (P3) glaze to get strong saturated color.

6. It’s time for some highlights. Mix Morrow White (P3) with Wurm Green (P3) and add some light to bottom of glass.

7. Now add more glazes of lighter green and when you reach pure white saturate color with watered down Wurm Green (P3).

8. This step show how to highlight upper part of glass. Just put some white glazes with Morrow White (P3).

9. And now saturate color with Wurm Green (P3), almost finished.

10. Last step is Gloss Varnish (VGC). I don’t like fake white spots on glass so I covered glass elements with glossy surface so I have natural light spots. That’s all! You can look below how does it look finished (but miniature is still unfinished :)

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