Justaerin Patter Terminators

..at last – finished Justaerin Pattern Termiantors with Cataphractii arms and weapons. 9 Terminators with Abaddon, you can also check  Abaddon pictures)

Terminators are TT++ level, not for winning competitions but looking great in cabinet and on battlefield. It was a lot of work but finally I’m very satisfied with final effect. Hope you like it!


2 thoughts on “Justaerin Patter Terminators

  1. Wow,świetnie prezentuje się ten oddział.Szczególnie podobają mi się metalowe elementy.Mógłbyś zdradzić jak je zrobiłeś?

  2. I love all your minis. And always have great respect for artists who give so many tutorials to help others.
    To that end I keep coming back to this unit. Metallics are not my strong point, how did you paint their armour?

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