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    1. Huh, it’s impossible at this moment, because I don’t remember how I paint it. I usually paint very, very chaotic, and improvise a lot. I know what result I want to get without thinking about individual layers.
      I can recognise some layers but it’s only my attempt to reconstruct painting process.

      1. Basecoat – Chainmail (GW)
      2. Wash – Badab Black/Nuln Oil (GW)
      3. 1st shadows Coal Black (P3)
      4. 2nd shadows Nightshade Purple (Reaper)
      5. 3rd shadows Nightshade Purple + Coal Black + Black
      6. 1st highlihghts Chainmail
      7. 2nd highlight Chainmail + Mithrill Silver (GW)
      8. Paint chips, scratches, lightest areas from pure Mithrill Silver.

      Propably I forgot about some layers but this way it should work too ;)
      Remember, when you highlight metallics with metallics use a lot of thinner/water/mediums to get smoth transitions. It’s impossible to get smothness with 1 layer of paint. When you highlight too much go back to midtones and „repair” it with glazes.

      Let the paint be with you Dehn! :)

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