Ikit Claw

Ikit Claw is cool new mini from GW, miniature is very, very detailed, love to paint it. I dedicate this mini to my rat  (RIP) Roland.

At last, finished Ikit!

Now im’still working on it.

Some info about Ikit from GW:

Perhaps the greatest Warlock Engineer of all time, Ikit Ckaw marches into battle clad in a mighty Iron Frame that grants him exceptional strength and durability. Armed with the ferocious Storm Daemon, Ikit Claw can summon bolts of dark lightning as easily as he can cleave through armour, and if that doesn’t work he has a Warpfire Thrower built into his armour in case of emergencies. Ikit Ckaw is a superb Lord choice for a Skaven army.

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