Hi, I’d like to show you one of my entries from Hussar 2019 Painting Competition. I’ve called it „HussarDozer” just because it’s a dozer – 1:35 scale model of Catterpillar D9R armored version that serve in Israeli army (MENG Models). In my case it’s converted to post-apo stalker version. In front of blade you can find Golden Demon’s head (yeah, I have to cut one temporarily from the statue).

Amount of tiny details is very high and I’ll leave it for you to find them all ;) Also amount of time to put all of this together was pretty large. Especially Dozer assembly which took me 3 days. Only tracks have about 300 separate parts so you can imagine level of this model complexity. Tracks, blade, ripper, door, windows and top hatch are working as in real machine.

I’m very happy with final result and I want to thank my wife Magda for patience and support, also thanks for Adam Hałon (Loler) for supporting during build.

(Highly recommended – click pictures to see high-resolution images)

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  1. Beautiful piece. There’s so many fine details to enjoy.

    That’s not a bad selection of judges who like it as well! :)

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