How to paint crackles?

Hi there, following your questions how to paint crackle surface I can show you solution. I don’t have pictures from my progress with Necron Destroyer Lord but grapics below show how to paint crackles.

1. First of all I basecoated destroyer with Coal Black (P3) with a tip of Thamar Black (P3). Next I made a simple cracks with Humbrol Maskol (this purple/violet one).

2. Now It’s ready for base color. I chose Meridious Blue (P3) and I put next layer of paint.

3. For highlights I add Ember Orange (P3) and Morrow White (P3) to get more greenish color.

4. Remove maskol (with finger is a good solution ;) I add more smaller crackles using sharp brush with Coal Black + Thamar Black (P3) – the same color as basecoat.

5. Next step is to add some highlights for crackles to get more 3d effect. I use Morrow White (P3) with Glaze Medium (VMC). Glaze Medium have some retarder and slow drying time of paint so I have enough time to do this operation. Remember that in horizontal lightning top of crackles are highlighted.

6. Ok, crackles are ready. Now it’s time to highlight areas inside. I use  Coal Black (P3) mixed with a tip of Frostbite (P3).

7. Next highlight with more Frostbite (P3) added to previous mix.

8. Last highlight with mix of Coal Black + Frostbite + Morrow White (P3).

9. Base for color is ready, so I can add it. I use Livery Green (VGC) mixed with Glaze Medium (VMC) and gently add glazes with this mix to inner areas.

10. Now add white dots in most highlighted areas. First small dots with thinned white and second using thck paint to get strong white color.

11. I add also some glazes with Livery Green (VGC) and white to add more light around crackles.

That’s it! Now you can try to do your own crackles with another or the same colors.

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