How to make splashing water

Hi, I’ve got some water tutorial today, I use very simple method to get some splashing water. It’s base for my Seoni mini.

As a sketch of waves I use blister transparent plastic. Just cut off some sharp shapes.

Bend plastic a bit using fire, hairdryer or just fingers. It’s not so complicated.

Put in on place with superglue or other transparent glue.

Now take an old brush and take some Vallejo Transparent Water (medium, heavy or superheavy gel) and just place some gel on transparent plastic and make more realistic waves.

It seems to be white but dry is transparent. Remember to put thin layers because when you have thick layer over 5mm it will dry much longer than you expect (like in my case :).

Second portion of gel, after this I fix mini on base with super glue and put some gel around mini to blend it with base.

Next go to balcony and look at the meowing (more like screaming) cat whole time disturbing while you painting. Take ladder and take him down.

Ok, splashing water is dry after about 24 hours  (but It can take much longer).

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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  1. The most important step in this tut is taking a cat downe from the tree I think :D Cheers

    1. Yes, surely yes! I like this cat but not when he’s shouting for half hour and asking for help ;)

  2. Damned! Been ninja’d on the cat thing, lol! That being said, nice tutorial, it could prove usefull in the future. If a brownish is needed (think sewer stuff), can the Vallejo stuff be mixed with paint or should I be looking for another product?

  3. Hi! Great tutorial! Was wondering if vallejo water effects mixes with inks. I have recently bought some cryx and was thinking about trying to create biotech bases: slime, steampunk cogs, zombie parts, pipes, etc which would involve green water effect but this would be nice for models more in an action pose, running, etc. .

    1. Thanks! I think you can check if it mix with inks but probably yes. Vallejo water effect is an acrylic resin so it shouldn’t be „frosty” after dry. You can also make first all splashes, ponds and other water things and later apply thin layer of ink over it. It’s surely safer and you’ll get more clear surface. Good luck! :)

      1. Just be careful of fumes from certain plastics – check the recycle no. on any take out containers if higher than a 5 or 6 it could be toxic !

  4. Hey this is great and I’m looking forward to trying it myself, but I’m just curious, how did you prep the base before hand?

    1. You mean from where I get rocks and how it’s painted?
      Rocks are from riverside, some sand and painted on turqoise and greys.

  5. Thank you so much for posting! Definitely going to try this product. Also watched this YouTube Video Tutorial on Vallejo Products including: applying paint before adding Vallejo Transparent Water, adding paint to Vallejo Transparent Water, Colored Vallejo Water, etc. – you might want to update your post with the link so that others can see it:

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