How to make nurgle base

Hi, I want to show you very simple method to get strange organic patterns on bases and any other surfaces.

This is plan of my base, just two corpses and some cork.

All you need to do this trick is cyanoacrylic glue (superglue) and white glue (pva glue).

Put some white glue on base.

And add a couple drops of super glue….

…and magic begin!

More magic ;) This trick use one of superglue feature – superglue dry when you add moist. Dry very random and you get organic patterns.

I use brush tip to made it more random.

Now I add some turnip seeds (you can use any other seeds or small balls), I just bought it in my garden store.

I add some white glue to seeds to make it more embedded to rest of surface.

Now,  as you know superglue dry when is wet. So let put some superglue to water.

Drop is floating on water.

I use…. hmmm…. this tool on picture :D To get it out from water and stretch like guts. It have gel consistency and really nice guts texutre. I add them in random places.

After black and white primer it look like above.

And after global wash. You can find finshed (painted) base here – Chaos Nurgle Lord.

Hope you find it useful ;)

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  1. Howdy, I love this base idea but I cannot find corpses like this anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?

  2. Kudos my friend…Great idea/effect..looks amazingly natural rot and use this if my heart was ever tained by the heresy that is choas and that of grandfarther nurgle..i dopf my cap to you good sir..

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