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  1. Fantastic!!! Absolute Brilliant! The flesh/metal on the back looks so incredible real!

    Would you mind telling me how you did it? And how you did the OSL chaos symbols?!

    All the Best,

    1. Hi, unfortunately I don’t remember exactly how I paint this guy, it was very complicated process of painting and a lot of different colors to archieve this result. I usually don’t use pure colors so every color on this mini is a mix of some paints. OSL chaos symbols are painted using airbrush and brush.

  2. Holy crap!!! That one is a beast! Looking at the mini, I totally understand why you don’t remember every colours used to paint it, lol! Like Gewaltatron, I love the OSL on your work and that one is no exception. So basically, you paint the freehand symbol or element that is the light source for your glowing effect, then you airbrush the „halo” with several thin sprays…?
    Thank you again for your incredible work and the time you spend to answer our comments.

    1. Yes, something like this, first is (midtone color) freehand, next airbrush halo, and detailing with small sharp brush.

    1. Thank you :) Mostly lot of thin layers of Bestial Brown, Scorched Brown and Black, all of them with lot of water (it look rather like colored water than paint).

  3. Wow and it looks so red?? Anyhow thanks a lot for that – its one of my favorite models – I want also to say its so beautiful that you are so free in giving help to people – Its truly refreshing and your work is some of my favorite painted work in the whole minature world. So thanks again : :)

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