Executioner from Vertigo Miniatures

Hello, I just recieved Vertigo Miniatures Executioner XV. century   from my Slovak friend Pavol Torsion and I want to show you how his miniature look like.
My first impression was the box, nice textured carton and big red star on it. I like this design. Very simple, product is exposed on front and you can find all info on back.

Executioner from Vertigo Miniatures

Inside box was some of bubblewrap and miniature packed in small bag.
Mini is very detailed and details are sharp and very good visible. As you can see on pictures below there is some parts need to be assembled. Body with head, two hands, axe, piece of wood and base. I found mould lines only on body and hands, they were very thin and easy to remove. Base could be more round but it’s only imperfection I’ve found.



All parts fit perfectly. Hands have small pins, you won’t need wires, but if yes just cut off resin pins and replace them with wire, you’ll have dots where to drill. Good sulution. Putty is not needed because you don’t have any visible gaps. Removing resin blocks will be a bit hard without hobby drill but it’s normal with resin casted minis.

Ok, mini is assembled, hands are placed on sticky putty and ready to paint.

Executioner from Vertigo Miniatures

Executioner from Vertigo Miniatures

In my opinion it’s quite cool mini so, why not to paint it? It will be painted as bloody Executioner after a hard day of work. Soon I should have some pics :)

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