Desert Doctor (WIP)

I decided to join Massive Voodoo competition MV’s „MAD MAX CAR Competition” 2011.
The competition is a very inspiring idea to build own car in a climate crazy Mad Max.

After seeing tons of images  I had to choose a model for myself. The idea of the competition is the car with  lots of horsepower under the hood – the choice fell on Lacncer Mitsubishi EVO VIII. Originally I wanted to get a Nissan Skyline, however, I would have to wait for this model about a week before it’s delivered, impatience won again! :)

After long thinking what type of vehicle to build I found an idea somewhere in my head.  Mad doctor – this is it! I draw several sketches of the ambulance but I did not show them here because my drawings are not always understood. The conversion process, unfortunately,  has not been documented in pictures . I used to conversions mainly plasticard, brass plate,  also appeared in a metal mesh and various casual life items.



Main base is made of styrofoam and balsa. All garbage on base are scratchbuild. Table, wooden box and others are made of wooden sticks and balsa,. I used also elements of an old handwatch bought at flea market. Some metal cable from hobby shop.  I use to paint base mainly GW Foundation paint, but only for a first coat. Shading is done with Vallejo dry pigments and 502 Abteilung oil paints.

I add some random garbage to base.

Here is front bumper made of plastic rods from part frames.

Here you can see scratchmade wooden box.

First thin coat of Dhaneb Stone.

I painted wooden parts with Khermi Brown as a base color.

Car body

I desired blue car as mine Mazda! Yes! Blue is one of my favorites.

After some modifications I basecoat body with flat black. And next some rusty browns.

Dotted grain was appiled with very low airbrush pressure (Click on image to get better view).

My favorite toys, dry pigments and prepared dirty, rusty soup.

Now, it’s time for some salt and hairspray. Remember to protect previous surface with for example matt or satin spray.

After hairspray dried I use to paint body some blue paints. Shadow Grey (GW) for main color, Stormy Blue (VGC) for shadows and Space Wolves Grey (GW) for highlight. After this I decided to add extra light with pure white (you can see it on next photo).

Stencil for my ambulance plates.

Second stencil for red cross.

And it’s almost done. Now I took model, my old brush, big pot with warm water and I scrub whole salt.

After scrubing I add some sand and rust (Vallejo pimgents, and oil paints)

Still a looooooot to do…………… :) Still less to do!

Another little update.

Table is almost finished, I need some more gadgets like bananas (for Jarhead :)) and newspapers..

I have to remove this white dots… I don’t know what’s happened but it would be a good base for another light rust colors like Bestial Brown.

Here is small to do list:

  • public phone
  • barbed wire on front bumper
  • beacon light on top of car
  • NOS bottles on back of car and some empty around
  • stethoscope
  • some first aid kits and other medical items

Mini tutorial how to get barbed wire.

….and another little update..

And here is tutorial how I made mini bottles.

Hope you like  it!

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    1. We will see.. I think that another painters have great models too! I’m just making this model for fun and I’m glad that You like it! :) I’ve got thousands ideas what to put into this mini scene but I don’t have enough time to complete all my gadgets :(
      Maybye if I applicate for leave.. hahaha

  1. Pleasure to look and read. You brought on some good techniques and explained them step by step which is a great value.
    Congrats and keep going.


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