Chaos Warlord

Anyone knows the real name of this Enigma mini? I see that’s based on Morphus, but there is nothing more on the Internet..

3 thoughts on “Chaos Warlord

  1. Hm…. I know the Enigma line well and I have never seen this one before…
    It looks like Enigma style, but its not part of their program….

    Sure its Enigma?

  2. Hi,this mini was discontinued by Enigma due to GW arguing to Enigma of copy this mini from a presumed ilustration where a chaos warrior appeared.

    Enigma didn´t get any problem with GW and they retired this mini replacing for a new mini…Morphus, Chaos warlord.

    I think they all who bought old Morphus(as me)earning 2 minis the one old and new Morphus.



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