Chaos Dwarfs Infernal Guard

Hello, today I can show you unit of 36 Chaos Dwarves Infernal Guard, it contain 30 regular dwarves and 6 from command squad. They’re painted with true metallics and OSL effects. It should look quite nice on table :)
It was most boring work I’ve ever had, I thought that this minis are different but looks almost the same, only champions haven’t helmet. What a pity that FW doesn’t make more options to assemble them. Btw. Hope you like it!


4 myśli na temat “Chaos Dwarfs Infernal Guard

  1. Wow amazing. So many dwarves very well painted. Congratulations.
    To get that dark metals do you use a lot of very thinned glazes until it’s so shaded or how?
    In the future I’ll ask you a commission :) I want one of your miniatures

  2. Wow, those are fantastic ¡¡¡

    Could you please briefly explain the metals and the weapons ???

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