Blood Angels Assault Marine

Hi, today is day of blood, exactly Blood Angels. Deep red of shiny armour can kill enymies very fast like a chainaxe. Probably you can ask about red I painted. It’s a bit tricky, because matt or satin red doesn’t have enough saturation to start shining. I paint armour with very thin and watered down layer of gloss varnish to make it a bit more shiny than satin. It help to make deep red color. I use my favourite Blood Red from GW to paint it. Hopefully I’ve got about 4 pots of this paint for future painting. Btw. hope you like this mini! :)


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  1. Wow awesome work!!! Would love to know how you got the dark red shadow on the mini.
    Is is a wash or just mixed darker red color?

    Currently working on a blood angels captain and this is great inspiration. Keep it up!


  2. Your painting is mind blowing! The colours are so vibrant, yet don’t look like a cartoon. What colours do you use for the red? I think it’s crazy how you get it so bright without looking orange or pink. Stunning work, as always mate.

    1. Thanks a lot :) I used Blood Red as main color (old GW palette) shaded with browns and blacks. In description is rest of explaination how to archieve deep red color. It’s very hard to control red not goes orange and pink but it’s possible.

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