My new project, it takes about 18h for all, painting, assembling and others. It was made for Bard, local hobby shop. I have a lot of fun with painting it. Short time made me to experiment with less layers of paint and I’ve got some good experiences..

WIP shots

The beginning, lots of parts… Unfortunetelly I don’t have original assembly instruction. I found some pictures of this sheets, and I found it very, very helpful ;) Parts are very hevy detailed – for example under goblins nest you can find some skulls, nets and corpses.

First stages of assembly, Arachnarok is really monstrous creature.

Now body is finished, only needs some grinding and filling gaps with dissolved putty.

Arachnarok compared with goblin shortbow champion.

Mr. Dissolved Putty from Mr.Hobby. It’s most helpful putty for filling gaps. Just use toothpick or old brush to put white fluid directly to gap.

Here is shown how it works. Putty gets into holes and make hard weld. Next just use sandpaper to get smoth surface and it’s done. Simple and fast tool.

Arachnarok compared to Forest Spiders regiment… I’m scared…

Primed with black and white spray. I have to prime more white to get really bloody red after. Ready for airbrushing.

Painting red

First I primed spider with flat black and lot of white from above to get good ground for red, because Blood Red isn’t very opaque paint. Next I take watered down Blood Red (like 0,5% milk consistence) and airbrushed very thin layer. On areas shaded with black red became like Scorched Brown and on light areas red stay very bright. However after this step I still don’t have smoth blends, so I add Scorched Brown to Blood Red (50/50) and repainted color boundaries. Looks more smooth, but I want to get strong shadows and I use to paint next mix of Blood Red, Scorched Brown and Liche Purple (30/40/30). I painted most shaded areas with that mix. After this all steps I use watered down Baal Red to wash whole mini (I use airbush, so I cant put wash without water into pot). That’s all! :)

Little update for Sliver-spain

First coats of Bloody red, Scorched Brown and Liche Purple.

Here is set of paint which I use to paint Arachnarok’s eyes.

First basecoat from Orkhide Shade (GW).

Next is Gnarls Green (P3).

Highlight with Wurm Green (P3).

More highlights with Livery Green (VMC).

White dots, and eyes are ready. Later, after I paint whole model I varnished it with Matt Cote and repainted eyes with gloss varnish to get more realistic look.

Goblins nest. I decided to make version with net catapult.

Three main components, nest, spider and base ;)

Nest covered with Scorched brown (GW) thin wash.

Base with some static grass and tufts. I use diferrent colors of static grass to get more realistic look.

Still a lot to do… Goblin crew, main spider body, legs, goblins nest… and some details.. and more… more.. more…
I count about 11 work hours on this model (4h for assembly). I think there is next 11h to finish :lol: You can call it speed painting… hahahah

Fourth day

At last…. Today is last update of this project ;) It take about 18h to finish shared for 4 days, very, very fast work that I could not be late for 5 march. Truely gigantic „miniature”. I don’t want to have one in my O&G army and experience painting, assembling again…. Enough talking… photos!

My hidden laboratory..

Some black&white guys waiting…

Top view

This time I made very simple skin – not very thin wash from Wurm Green (p3) then Tharka Green wash (GW) and it’s done – looks good.

…and finished gobos..

And….. it’s all done… Ufffff… For finished mini go to top of this site.


7 myśli na temat “Arachnarok

  1. Amazing…. I love the colour. Would like to be as fast as you.

    Are you going to do a tutorial for the red? I have read something at GW webpage but its not full and Im sure they dont say all the paints you really used and the correct steps….

    1. Yes, I’ll write a short tutorial, how to paint red soon. I’m pleased that you like this model. You’re right that GW team don’t say the whole truth. I’ll look for pictures about painting red. Regards, C’tan.

  2. Thanks four the tutorial, very cool techniques. Its exactly what I was looking for my arachnarok: impressive and dont take a lot of time.

    Now, I will try to do it like you, thank you again for share your techniques.

  3. Really impressive stuff! Have just gotten my own spider finished, going to work on green guys tomorrow, but used yours as a template to make a much less perfect version! Really love the eye effect you went for, and wish i could emulate your shading from beneath, it’s always the most difficult for me to get right-or know when’s enough! Thanks for posting these Ctan!

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