White Scars Assault Marine

Hello, it’s next marine from SM chapter loyalist pack. I really like to paint white color, It’s shaded with blue-grey colors and some dirty one (Agrax Earthshade). Antoinette said that’s a cheat but every miniature painter is a kind of cheater :) Btw. hope you like it!


One thought on “White Scars Assault Marine

  1. Nice one! I like cheating when I paint too (probably because I’m a lazy and average painter, lol!) so I will keep that in mind next time I paint white.
    I get what you were aiming for with the swords, but I think a little conversion would have help make them Astartes weapon instead of Xenos weapon wielded by an Astartes. They look brittle in his hands. Just shaving the poison canisters thingy could have made the difference in my opinion. Still a pretty awesomme miniature!

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