Warlord Spinetail

Skaven again :) My lastest work, Warlord Spinetail.  Painted with true metallics.

And here are destructive, chaotic forces constructing display base ;)

5 thoughts on “Warlord Spinetail

  1. Nice job! I really like this mini, sadly very hard to acquire. Good work with the metallics, although I would make warpstone differently. Also the reddish tone of the skin is a matter of taste. BUT I can`t believe you painted his foot nails red! Extravaganza just like Skaven 5th edition :D

    1. Lot of colorful washes and glazes, mainly with black and bronws. after washing I made paint chips with silver.

  2. simple…I shall try it. Thank you very much! any way I can convince you to make a step by step for your clanrats?

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