Primus Death

It was experimental mini, I wanted to paint it very dark, desaturated and pale. I use limited color palette of greens, violets and greys. Hope you like it! :)

3 thoughts on “Primus Death

  1. Beautiful. Any chance of doing a tutorial on how you achieve this desaturated look? Also, how do you do such detail work with your airbrush? Mine tends to overspray and get all over when I do detail work. Thanks!

    1. It’s generally painted using a lot of grey paint (Codex Grey from GW) in midtones, on skin, on clothes and other parts of model. I use also cold colors in shadows (Nightshade Purple from Reaper and Coal Black from P3). And highligts are painted using mainly white to increase desaturated look. I didn’t use airbrush on this model because it was faster to paint it with traditional brush ;) Airbrush is perfect for bigger, especially flat surfaces but not for such small minis like this one. If you want to make tiny details the better idea is to use brush. Hope it helps you :)

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