Small experimet and test of new GW glazes. I use white primer for basecoat, 3 glazes, black, white and silver paint to finish this guy. As you can see you don’t need hundred of paints to have lot of colors ;) Hope you like this guy!

5 thoughts on “Plaguebearer

  1. Amazing miniature. How have you used Citadel Glazes? Like normal glazes? I didn’t think that they could make that extraordinary finish.

    1. Yes, they work very fine with glazing, they’re ready to use straight from the pot (but I always add a bit of water), it’s very comfortable, colors are almost pure so you can mix all desired colors from this three pots. I like this GW product a lot.

  2. That is impressive! I’ll start painting the Dark Vengeance minis soon and I think I might try painting the cultists using glazes like this. Do you think normal skin tones could paint using glazes? And would you use pre-shading (prime black then zenital spray of white primer) along with glazes?
    Thanks again!

  3. surely yes, just mix yellow, red and a bit of blue and you’ll get skin color. It’s easier for me painting on white basecoat but I can’t tell you too much about zenital lightning and glazes because I have to try this.

  4. Amazing!

    Is there any chance you could give a quick 1, 2, 3 step or guide to how you used the glazes and in what order etc?

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