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Nurgle daemonic skin

Hi, just want to show you how to make some rotten flesh, daemonic skin or something similar using white glue and microwave. After night of fun experiments with friends and microwave I have some ideas how to use this diabolic device. First of all you need some white glue (PVA glue) and flat plate, I use below plate made of plasticard. (Don’t use metal plate!)

Put some glue on it, surface have to be quite wide and thick about 1mm, but don’t care if it’s higher or lower. Just put some glue.

Place it into microwave and run diabolic device, 30 seconds is quite good time to heat some glue. You can hear gurgle inside microwave, but don’t be affraid, It wont explode.

After coocking you’ll get elastic portion of daemonic skin, if glue is too wet put it back and heat more. It should be half dry because when it’s too wet you’ll get dirty fingers, and if too dry you’ll be unable to put it on model without problems. Just experiment with coocking time because it can be very different depending on glue layer thickness and area.

Ok, if you have good skin it should look like below, it’s ready to attach on models. Stretch some skin and wrap your mini parts with this.

It look like below.

Obeliators are almost ready. I mask connections with mix of superglue and white glue. In this link you can find how to mix and how does it work.

At last! Painted flesh! Yummy!

Hope you eat breakfast before reading ;)

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  1. wojak wojak

    1. kupić mikrowele, żeby robić nurgle meat…
    2. robić nurgle meat
    (…) :P

    • C'tan C'tan

      Smacznego ;)

  2. 13/10/2012    

    o ja pie….. Ty to masz pomysły :) Mega fajna sprawa, muszę przetestować przy jakiejś najbliższej okazji :)

  3. vick vick

    Hi, C’tan!

    Please, could you write a painting tutorial for this skin? I mean the last photo.
    I’m going to work on the Nurgle army, so it would be beautiful to make most of them look like this.

    Hope to hear an answer from you!

  4. wojak wojak

    I agree, this skin painted looks awesome, can You tell us how You painted this?

    • C'tan C'tan

      Sorry, but not now… I swamped with work so now I’m focused on painting.

  5. ludmar ludmar

    Really thanks for your tutorial!
    Your tuto used in France now!

  6. 18/02/2014    

    yak…that looks terrific! So real looking. good job man!

  7. sam sam

    Thanks for this can’t wait to try it out on my chaos spawn that I’m sculpting!!!

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