Medical Experiments

Hello, I can show you today my project with Skin Wolf escaping with his master from laboratory

and here is list of materials used:

bricks – plaster
black decorations – milliput black
floor – fornir, plaster
pipes, gold details – brass
white pieces – plasticard
base – cork and soil
plinth – wood






2 thoughts on “Medical Experiments

  1. Very nice atmosphere, I’m looking forward to see how you paint this miniature and which color you use.

    Bye the way,it was really nice to meet you at gamesday cologne.

    Best regards,Michael aka Dellolyn

    1. Thanks! :) Mini will be in kind of B&W colors I think, but I’m not sure. We’ll see it when I start painting wolf.
      Nice to meeet you too Michael! Do you have this picture with us somewhere?

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