7 thoughts on “Iron Fist Marine

  1. Is that… NMM? Or true metallics? I can’t be sure. I guess you’re doing something good then! I personnaly don’t like the Necron gun on a marine, but everything else is great!

  2. Hello, I understand it a bit late, but can you remember, you airbrush him in two steps – first dark metallic an then shine metallic on top – or you cover him with chainmail whole, and bring darkening by the washes?

    1. Nope, I put middle color first, highlight it with ligter silvers and shaded with washed in recess ;)

  3. Would you mind briefly describing how you did the conversion? want to do something similar to make Noise Marines.
    Awesome Conversion and Paintjob

    1. I just put weapon from Necron to his hands. Only one hand was removed and glued to marine hand.

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