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How to paint green camo

Hello, today I found some pictures and I can show you how I painted camo on Salamander’s Storm Talon.


First I paint it with white primer and airbrushed black on panel lines. It’s called preshading because in next step you’ll see that it help a lot to get smooth shadows.


Next I apply green, it was Wurm Green (P3) mixed with airbrush thinner, I tried not to paint too much because I wanted to have darker areas.


Next using shapers cutted off from plasitcard I apply camo with white paint.



I airbrushed green again, very, very thin layer only to colorise previous white layer.


I enchance greens using Dark Angels Green (GW), again very, very thin layer.


It’s my last photo I documented during painting so rest will be in words :)

I placed dectals on dry areas painted with gloss varnish using MicroSet and MicroSol then painted it agian with gloss varnish to protect dectals and then with satin varnish. Also airbrushed smoke around enigine and other dirty areas with black mixed with dark brown.
After this I washed all screws and recess areas with Agrax Earthshade (GW) and highlighted edges using Bleached Bone (GW). After edges were highlighted I applied with smallest brush paint chips with black mixed with dark brown. That’s all I remember. Hope you find it useful!

Also there is a final effect.


And other tank painted the same way.



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  1. Sławek Łaczny (kender) Sławek Łaczny (kender)

    hehe – jak pierwszy raz zobaczyłem twojego landka to zainspirowałeś mnie i zrobiłem coś podobnego ale trochę inaczej na moich Necronach

    Tak czy inaczej bardzo fajny tutek i miło zobaczyć inne podejście i pełen efekt (jednak twoje jest lepsze :P)

    A tutaj właśnie moje podejście

  2. C'tan C'tan

    Ja myślę, że całokształt necronów jest bardzo fajny i przede wszystkim już są pomalowani i to się liczy! :)

  3. DrD DrD

    A jak zrobić te fioletowe przebarwienia na silniku jeśli można wiedzieć?:]

    • C'tan C'tan

      fioletowym inkiem lub washem

  4. Miguel Palacios Miguel Palacios

    I wish i could have come across this tutorial yesterdqy, I attempted the same project after seeing you model on CMON. I was inspired by it, but did not turn out. mIstakes i made were. I primed the model black, did not preshade, and used light green instead of white / green combo in step threee.

    Could you tell me how you accomplished the blue light reflection?

  5. Shawn L Shawn L

    Love the paint job, but how did you get the blacks as flat as they are?

  6. 03/10/2013    

    How and what did you use to cover the cockpit to prevent paint from getting on the windshield?

    • C'tan C'tan

      I masked it with Tamyia masking tape.

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