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How to duplicate flat parts

Hello, today I’ll show you a short tutorial how to make mace. I couldn’t find any good mace in my bits box, so I made one.

There is a very good solution for duplicating flat surfaces without pen outline which is usually not so accurate.

Make one ‘master’ shape, place it on material you want to copy, in my case it’s plasticard. Airbrush thin layer of paint to make masks of ‘master’. Now just cut desired shapes with hobby knife, drill etc.


Parts need some sanding to make it more smooth.


And now mace is assembled and looking very well.



Hope you found this simple trick useful. :)

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  1. Jpwyrm Jpwyrm

    You know, that is quite clever. Have to remember that when I’ll build some Storm Shields or ablatve plating for tanks.
    Thanks a lot!

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