Great Unclean One

My recently painted big guy, it’s a next part of Nurgle Army I’m painting for a collector. Lot of work but it was worth as always! :)

A Great Unclean One is a grotesquely corpulent Greater Daemon of the Plague God Nurgle, the Chaos God of disease, death and decay.









5 thoughts on “Great Unclean One

  1. Beautifully disguting ! I like a lot the colours scheme you choose. Same comment for the base, the autumn scene creates a very nice contrast with the nurgle figures.

  2. Beautiful… And disgusting at the same time ;) I would love to know some details on the colours you used for each level of painting… I have this model and would love to do something similar (though of course won’t be up to your amazing standards :P

    1. All in all this mini is pretty simple and hard to paint same time. I thought it would be a easy walk but detailing stretched painting time a lot. Good luck with your mini!

  3. Could you please help me a bit? I have this model and i really like your colours. Could you send me what colours you used? is it airbrush or normal brush?
    I am new to this game and i really want to make my first huge mini beautiful like this.

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