CSM Hellbrute

Hi, just want to show you Hellbrute from Dark Vengance, new starter box for Warhammer 40.000, painted simialar to my pevious Skyrar’s Dark Wolves, hope you like it! Soon, I’ll show you more minis from this box. Hellbrute is for sale, if you’re interested please contact me.

7 thoughts on “CSM Hellbrute

  1. Nice paintjob and quick! I particularly like the OSL transition on the shoulder plates, it is gorgeous! The fleshy parts at the back are a nice touch also.
    Great work as always!

  2. i dont like front of it, head aint good and too much osl too few flesh for me although the back of model is great

  3. Great job, and great choice of colours! Any chance letting us know what colours have you used for skin parts?:-o

  4. Loving this colour scheme C’tan.

    I would love to try have a go myself.
    Can you remember what colours you used??

    Keep up the good work.

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