4 thoughts on “Covenant

  1. Wow! Talk about an old mini! That trench coat is perfect and along with the base and weathering, it definitely conveys a hard, perilous background of the character. I think you should add “Painting amazin leather cloaks” to your list of tutorials to add in the near future ;)
    Great job!

    1. Yes, definetly I’ll make a tutorial how to paint old, weathered clothes ;) But I have to get good mini to show this.

  2. How about Ezekiel (Dark Angels Librarian) or Inquisitor Gideon (limited edition Inquisitor with baroque plasma pistol)? They both have nice and large cloth area and can showcase different type of materials (leather boots and gloves, cloth robes or trenchcoat, etc.) Just saying ’cause I love your paintwork… yeah, Envy and everything.

    1. huh, now I have 3 bigger vechicles to finish, so maybe later I’ll take some tutorials ;) But surely I will.

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