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Hanako – a female dressed in traditional Geisha garb but armed with a daisho (matched set of long and short japanese swords). Great mini from Hasslefree Miniatures. Resin casting was really superb, like rest of their stuff. Higlhy recomended if you’re looking to paint your own geisha! Alos explaination how tree is made can be […]

Lord Ulthrak


Lord Ulthrak, worshipper of the Dark Gods, leader of the Kran’duin Horde. Armed with a mightly battleaxe, bedecked in rune-engraved Darksteel armour and wearing an embossed leather greatcloak. Awesome mini from Hasslefree miniatures :) Painted for fun latest year but it left for some time without pictures.

Great Unclean One


My recently painted big guy, it’s a next part of Nurgle Army I’m painting for a collector. Lot of work but it was worth as always! :) A Great Unclean One is a grotesquely corpulent Greater Daemon of the Plague God Nurgle, the Chaos God of disease, death and decay.

Nurgle Lord


Another comission of Nurgle Lord in next color scheme, I called it spinach lord :) It was quite challenging to paint different color scheme after painting about 7-8 same minis but I think it’s work pretty well on this guy. Axe and head are swapped from Blight Knights.

Forest Run


Hello! I’d like to present you my latest diorama with forest eternal chasing poor fisherman. It took a lot of time to complete but it was totally worth. Main miniature is from Puppetswar and it’s called Stone Golem. I’ve made a short tutorial how to made mini mushrooms during work on this scene. Also you […]

Barbarian Dude


Hello, finally I have finished Barbarian Dude, limited edition miniature from Raining Frog ( Banner, hammer, base, and lot of stuff on this scene is a scratchbuild.

Forest basing and painting


Hello! Today I’d like to present you another step-by-step tutorial with basing and painting forest theme. I wanted to have rather dead, dark forest so don’t expect too much flowers :) 1. My basing materials – some cork, wooden plinth, resin details from Werewoolf Miniatures. 2. I glued cork and tree using superglue. Bones are […]

Grey Knight Captain


Hello, I’d like to show you my conversion of GK captain based on terminator legs and lot of various additions. Based on one 2d artwork.

Barbarian Dude WIP


Hello, I just wanted to show you some stuff from my desk, a bit converted barbarian dude. Celtic knots are really fun when you lose the end of knot. I used one of skeletons shield sanded to smoth surface, looking for some ideas for tatoo for this guy but probably tribal style. Any ideas? Paints […]

Miniature mushrooms tutorial


Hello, in this short tutorial I’ll show you how I made miniature mushrooms. It’s fast and easy, so just check out pictures below. 1. First I put pins on cork and using Vallejo Plastic Putty with small application tip. I appiled a small amount on pin head and take off the putty. It should shape […]



Latest painted Horus Primarch, I enjoyed a lot painting him. Soon I’ll make a tutrial how to make miniature candles.

Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) painting...


Hello! Today I have a tutorial how I paint my Bolt Action German tanks. I’m also a player of this game so why not to share my way of painting. You can follow whole process on 1:56 Sturmgeschütz III. Enjoy! Let’s start with German Dark Yellow (Dunkelgelb) primer as base color. I mixed Desert Yellow […]

Fantasy stair base painting


Hello! In this tutorial you can see how I paint stone surfaces. Base is mostly made of plaster and cork. First of all I primed whole base with Surface Primer Black. Before this step I masked wooden plinth with masking tape. First coat of grey with Sombre Grey. Second grey to build more highlight – […]

Star Wars minis


Recently painted Star Wars miniatures. Single minis are from Knight Models, Snowspeeder 1:48 scale is from Fine Molds.

Assasin Bust


This guy left on shelf for over 2 years and now finished! So returned from my unfinished minis box to live. I’m proud that it’s already done :D

Dwarf Bust


Hello, I’d like to present you my latest painted Specnaz Dwarf bust from Werewoolf Miniatures.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Latest painted funny stuff – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Don’t know the manufacturer but minis have pretty cool, sharp sculpts. Minis are really small, something like 28 mm goblin size.

Kastelan Step-by-step


Hello! I’ve got for you tutorial how I painted Mechanicum Kastelan Robots. I just wanted to paint some mech and my choice was this little fellas. So, just check it out. First of all Surface Primer is most important thing before paints go on. Basecoat of Neutral Grey, it will be visible under scratches and […]

Chaos Dwarf Bust


Hello, I’ve got something bigger than usual 28mm miniatures. Bust is from Werewoolf Miniatures, beautifuly casted, there is no cleaning, filling gaps and preparing to paint – after 5 mins is ready to priming. Congrats to caster :) I have a vision to paint this guy with bright, pale skin and it work pretty nice […]

Strike Force Five


Hi, mini is a part of Strike Force Five team from Pretty cool model, I like it a lot and for long time I was thinking about painting some mini gloss and shine. Here you can find tutorial how I made a base – Desert post-apo base painting. Enjoy!

Desert post-apo base


Hello, today I’ll show you how I painted base made for one of “Strike Force Five” models I got from I was thinking some time about making various bases for this guy, my lazyness told me to use part of Barricades left after making other terrain. I just cut it with saw and placed […]

Workshop refreshment with HobbyZone


This year summer bring some new stuff. Long time I was using my paints, they was dirty and used. I was thinking about refreshing my paint palette and reorganising workplace. First issue is to have comfortable paints with eyedropper. Easy to use, easy to shake with long bottle, easy to apply to airbrush and on […]

Nurgle Fantasy Army (part 1)


A lot of nurgles! There will be much more of them! Full-size army of rotten bellies. This is part 1, I decieded to paint most numerous groups first because they’re most exhausting work. So, soon will be a lot of bigger stuff. I’m so excited! :)

Lord of Decay


Hello, I found some time to take better pictures of this ugly, rotten guy. Finally all details are visible. Also if you’re curious how to paint meaty cloak just check out this tut – Meat Cape tutorial.