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Papa Jimbo Bust


My latest painted bust of Papa Jimbo, awesome sculpt! If you’re wondering from where to get this guy just visit Big Child Creatives.

Dwarves Warband


Hello, I have some dwarves finished. From left – Cogsmith, Dwarf Lord, Malakai Makaisson, White Dwarf, Dwarf Slayer, Ironbreaker Lord, Dwarf King.

Kranon the Relentless


Kranon the Relentless, this time in Nurgle theme. Also you can check tutorial how to paint his cloak.

Daemon Prince


Latest finished Daemon Prince. Miniature is converted a bit, he lost tentacle from right leg, also all slaanesh symbols were removed. He got two swords instead of flail and mirror and also mask covering his face. So that’s all, enojoy! :)

Freddy Krueger Bust


Next of my latest painted busts, this time Freddy Krueger! Miniature is from Ares Warforge.

Frankenstein Monster Bust


Hello, today I have next bust from Ares Warforge – Frankenstein Monster.

Arch-Warlock / Ikit Claw


Hello, I have new old stuff. I already painted two Ikits but this one is most detailed and painted in dark color scheme and with True Metallics.



Superb miniature from Hasslefree Miniatures, 32mm of pure pleasure of painting, awesome casted and detailed. Highly recomended!

Kingdom of Death


You may ask what I was doing latest half year – here’s an answer – Kingdom of Death :) Heroes Bad Guys Unarmored Kit Leather Armor Kit Rawhide Armor Kit Lantern Armor Kit Lion Armor Kit Screaming Fur Armor Kit Phoenix Masks All stuff together

Orc Bust


Hi, here is next bust from new company called Ares Warforge, soon I’ll show you more busts (humans, monsters etc.)

Orc Bust


Hi, today I have first bust from new company called Ares Warforge, soon I’ll show you more busts from this manufacturer!

Chaos Sorcerers


Hi, just wanted to show you some Chaos Sorcerers. Two of them are limited edition metal miniatures, one is from 2010 Games Day and second was from Storm of Chaos, third one is plastic current one.

Giant Spined Chaos Beast


Next part of Nurgle 40k army – Giant Spined Beast from Forge World, painted same theme as previous miniatures.



Hello, next part of nurgles, this time Typhus, well armored badass from papa Nurgle’s home. I have converted his head to one from Chaos Chariot set.

Nurgle Dreadnoughts


Hi, here are some Nurgle Dreadnoughts from Forge World. Painted in toned olives and greens.

Aragorn (mounted)


Huh, long time without painting LotR miniatures. I always like this kind of stuff because they’re mostly naturally sculpted, also I’m a fan of LotR trilogy so here you have an Aragorn mounted on horse.

Grom the Paunch (conversion)


Hello, it’s my one of latest paintjobs, orc Grom the Paunch converted in Warhammer 40.000 style by Youming Yeap and painted by me. Here is a converted miniature.

Mad Max Graffitiwagen


Hi there! I just want to show you my entry for Massivee Voodoo Mad Max 2 online competition. It’s 1:35 Mad Max Graffitti artist car based on WW2 era Ford truck. It was a great time building this scene, I’ve learned a lot also so it was a really good spent time. There is a […]



Hanako – a female dressed in traditional Geisha garb but armed with a daisho (matched set of long and short japanese swords). Great mini from Hasslefree Miniatures. Resin casting was really superb, like rest of their stuff. Higlhy recomended if you’re looking to paint your own geisha! Alos explaination how tree is made can be […]

Lord Ulthrak


Lord Ulthrak, worshipper of the Dark Gods, leader of the Kran’duin Horde. Armed with a mightly battleaxe, bedecked in rune-engraved Darksteel armour and wearing an embossed leather greatcloak. Awesome mini from Hasslefree miniatures :) Painted for fun latest year but it left for some time without pictures.