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Fantasy stair base painting


Hello! In this tutorial you can see how I paint stone surfaces. Base is mostly made of plaster and cork. First of all I primed whole base with Surface Primer Black. Before this step I masked wooden plinth with masking tape. First coat of grey with Sombre Grey. Second grey to build more highlight – […]

Star Wars minis


Recently painted Star Wars miniatures. Single minis are from Knight Models, Snowspeeder 1:48 scale is from Fine Molds.

Assasin Bust


This guy left on shelf for over 2 years and now finished! So returned from my unfinished minis box to live. I’m proud that it’s already done :D

Dwarf Bust


Hello, I’d like to present you my latest painted Specnaz Dwarf bust from Werewoolf Miniatures.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Latest painted funny stuff – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Don’t know the manufacturer but minis have pretty cool, sharp sculpts. Minis are really small, something like 28 mm goblin size.

Kastelan Step-by-step


Hello! I’ve got for you tutorial how I painted Mechanicum Kastelan Robots. I just wanted to paint some mech and my choice was this little fellas. So, just check it out. First of all Surface Primer is most important thing before paints go on. Basecoat of Neutral Grey, it will be visible under scratches and […]

Chaos Dwarf Bust


Hello, I’ve got something bigger than usual 28mm miniatures. Bust is from Werewoolf Miniatures, beautifuly casted, there is no cleaning, filling gaps and preparing to paint – after 5 mins is ready to priming. Congrats to caster :) I have a vision to paint this guy with bright, pale skin and it work pretty nice […]

Strike Force Five


Hi, mini is a part of Strike Force Five team from Pretty cool model, I like it a lot and for long time I was thinking about painting some mini gloss and shine. Here you can find tutorial how I made a base – Desert post-apo base painting. Enjoy!

Desert post-apo base


Hello, today I’ll show you how I painted base made for one of “Strike Force Five” models I got from I was thinking some time about making various bases for this guy, my lazyness told me to use part of Barricades left after making other terrain. I just cut it with saw and placed […]

Workshop refreshment with HobbyZone


This year summer bring some new stuff. Long time I was using my paints, they was dirty and used. I was thinking about refreshing my paint palette and reorganising workplace. First issue is to have comfortable paints with eyedropper. Easy to use, easy to shake with long bottle, easy to apply to airbrush and on […]

Nurgle Fantasy Army (part 1)


A lot of nurgles! There will be much more of them! Full-size army of rotten bellies. This is part 1, I decieded to paint most numerous groups first because they’re most exhausting work. So, soon will be a lot of bigger stuff. I’m so excited! :)

Lord of Decay


Hello, I found some time to take better pictures of this ugly, rotten guy. Finally all details are visible. Also if you’re curious how to paint meaty cloak just check out this tut – Meat Cape tutorial.

Today on my desk


Today on board, I’ve got many more nurgles in schelude, I’m finishing second unit and going to paint whole army, I always wanted to do that:)

Steampunk Boudi


I’d like to show you some of my new girls, one of them is Steampunk Boudi, made by Hasslefree Miniatures. Miniatures was casted in resin and details are really impressive. This miniature is sooo small! Just love it. Here is an artwork I based painted by Matt Dixon, check out his blog, I’m pretty […]

Age of Sigmar Liberator WIP

Age of Sigmar Liberator WIP

Latest time I don’t have too much time to paint other stuff than comissions but I decieded to paint one of this guys meanwhile. My latest work in progress with Age of Sigmar Liberator. Soon will be more!

Nurgle Sorcerer


Some time ago I have an idea to make death bringer nurgle guy, half of base is dead, sorcerer is going to hunt on some elves :)

Druid Marines


Based on Space Wolves and Ancient Treeman kits I’ve made druid marines. I love the idea and hope in future will be much more of this fellas.

Citi Def Trooper


Miniature from Darkworldcreations, very detailed and every part fit perfect. I’m impreed how this guys made molds. Every mini should be done this way ;) Painted in my favorite pale greens.

Tyrion Lannister


Lately completed bust from Nuts Planet, what a fun to paint something bigger than usual 28mm guys. Enjoy!

Making trees tutorial


Hello, today I’d like to show you how I made a tree for japanese style garden. I used thin wire, some scissors, plastic putty from Vallejo and cracking medium from Games Workshop. Leaves are made of Army Painters Poison Ivy. Just look at the pictures and everything will be clear I think :)

Mechanicum Knight and Automatas


This time some bigger Knight from Forge World and two smaller companions. Cerastus Knight-Castigator and Castallax Battle Automatas are pretty cool alternative for playing mechanicum, anyway FW casts could be much better for Automatas.. I’m pretty satisfied with results.

Zombie kid Joe


75mm miniature from Dark World Creations, pretty cool casted, easy to assembly and a great joy to paint! Summer is cooming so kid gets hawaiian style shorts.

Gorg the Butcha


Great bust Gorg the Butcha sculpted by my friend Łukasz Mrozek from Ragnarok Miniatures and painted by me. Bust is pretty big, firstly I was surprised but size matters! For sure there will be more nice stuff from there. Also here you can see unpainted bust, concept art and its size. Really big guy.

Space Marine Chapter Master


Some non-smurfy Space Marine painted for a friend. You can also check his Imperial Knight. Combination of Yellow-orange and grey is pretty cool.